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Physicians of Katy - Houston

Annual Wellness Exam

Every year you should visit your doctor to have your annual wellness exam. It serves as a regular follow-up to track the status of your health and to assess any change since your last check-up.


The idea is to develop a personalized prevention plan to help prevent disability or disease, based on your current health status and risk factors.


The annual wellness exam should not be considered as a head-to-toe physical, and it is important for detecting early symptoms of a possible disease.

This exam may include:


To fill out a “Health Risk Assessment” where you are questioned about your health, lifestyle, and diet.


Weight, height, and blood pressure measurements.


Vision test.


Screening for hearing impairments.


Checking abdomen, thyroid glands, and lymph nodes for abnormalities.


Body scan for suspicious skin lesions or moles.


Body mass index (BMI) calculation.


Checking on any chronic conditions.


Updating your family and medical history.


Updating a list of your current health care providers, prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements you take. 


Creating a list of factors that could risk your health.


Checking any signs of cognitive impairment (looking for signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease).


Screening for depression.

Physicians of Katy - Houston


Establishing/updating a screening schedule or checklist for recommended preventive services.


Providing customized health advice.

Physicians of Katy - Houston

You should consider that every wellness visit can be different because needs change with your age and your lifestyle habits also change.

Physicians of Katy - Houston

To get the most out of your annual wellness visit, keep a list of questions to ask your physician, and have honest communication with your doctor during your appointment. 

Physicians of Katy - Houston

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