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Physicians of Katy - Houston

Our Services

As we focus on preventative medicine, we are proud to provide a wide range of diagnostic services in-office, in a  respectful and friendly environment to ensure patient comfort and first-class care, six days a week.

The services we provide are the following. 

Health Excellence and Quality care

To meet the needs of every patient.

Physicians of Katy - Houston
Electrocardiogram - Physicians of Katy - Houston

EKG (Electrocardiogram)

We check the electrical activity of your heart.

Wellness Screening - Physicians of Katy - Houston

Wellness Screening

A wellness screening is a simple test using advanced bioimpedance, heart variability, and digital pulse analysis evaluation.

Physicians of Katy - Houston

Annual Wellness Exam

Every year you should visit your doctor to have your annual wellness exam.

Physical Therapy - Physicians of Katy - Houston

Physical Therapy

It is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods rather than by drugs or surgery.

Electromyogram - Physicians of Katy - Houston

EMG (Electromyogram)

An EMG examination is ordered to evaluate for muscle or nerve damage.

Immunizations/Vaccines - Physicians of Katy - Houston


Vaccines help reduce the spread of disease to others and prevent epidemics.

Well-Woman Exam - Physicians of Katy - Houston

Well-Woman Exam

It is a complete examination for women to check elements of their reproductive health and it should be done annually. 

Physicians of Katy - Houston


It is the fastest way to detect a problem with any bone.

Electroencephalogram - Physicians of Katy - Houston

EEG (Electroencephalogram)

EEG tests for any abnormal brain activity.

Allergy/Immunotherapy - Physicians of Katy - Houston


Determining what you are allergic to is a crucial first step in figuring out the most effective treatment.

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It is very convenient for patients and health care providers that Physicians of Katy has a laboratory in-house.


Physicians of Katy has embraced the latest technology to optimize 

performance and provide our patients with the best care in the area.

Our in-house services save you time and they are easily accessible due to our convenient location. 

Physicians of Katy - Houston
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